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Microsoft Excel 97 and Visual Basic for Applications list of usefull resources. Excel 97 is a very powerfull tool for scientific computations.

Do you wanna have a look at the new Microsoft Excel 97/ VBA development environment ? Here it is: screen1.jpg (112 kb), screen2.jpg (75 kb) and screen3.jpg (55 kb).
Visual Basic for Applications Official Site
  • Suggestion: Start from the site map.
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Microsoft Excel Official Site
  • Download: Knowledge Base Help File XL5TLC.EXE (178 kb).
  • Description: Excelent site. Don't forget to visit the Excel 97 FreeStuff and also the Cool tips.
  • Homepage:

MS Office 97/ Visual Basic Programmer's Guide
  • Description: Programming Basics, Understanding Object Models, MS Access Objects, MS Excel Objects, MS Outlook Objects, MS Powerpoint Objects, MS Word Objects, Menus And Toolbars, MS Office Assistant, Shapes And The Drawing Layer, Data Access Objects, ActiveX Controls And Dialog Boxes, Optimizing For Size And Speed, Debugging And Error Handling and Developing Applications For The Internet And World Wide Web.
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Microsoft Technical Support
  • Description: Ask your technical support questions here. Search the entire Knowledge Base, troubleshooting wizards, and downloadable files.
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Microsoft Excel for Windows Support Resources
  • Description: Find an answer to your question about using Microsoft Excel 97. The topics are: new features, new user interface, maintaining a list, using a PivotTable, and using a chart, migrating from other spreadsheet programs, printing with MS Excel 97, Microsoft on the Web, Visual Basic for Applications and other miscellaneous topics.
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Microsoft TechNet ITHome
  • Description: Implementation & Troubleshooting in Microsoft Excel.
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MS Office Developer Forum - Microsoft Excel
  • Description: Wondering what's new on the Microsoft Office Developer Forum ? Whether you are interested in headlines, current events, or technical information about developing solutions with Microsoft Office applications, you can go here to find the latest additions to our Web site.
  • Homepage:

MS Office and VBA Development (magazine)
  • Download: Software download areas.
  • Description: Microsoft Office & Visual Basic for Applications Developer is The Complete Monthly Guide to Office and VBA Development. It is packed with hard-to-find tips, technical how-to articles, product reviews, book reviews, news from the Office and VBA community, and much, much more.
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Excel Accounting Help Page
  • Download: (very good examples).
  • Comments: Make sure you visit the VBA pages: VBA Fundamentals Tutorial and Advanced VBA Tutorial.
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The Spreadsheet Page
  • Download: Power Utility Pak 97 shareware (560 kb).
  • Description: Very comprehensive homepage. Includes Interesting Excel Files, Excel 95 Programming, Developer Tip O' The Week Archives and also the Power Utility Pak 97 For Excel 97.
  • Homepage:

Baarns Consulting MS Office Resource Center
  • Download: Downloadable utilities
  • Description:Professional information for serious developers. Many tutorials, faqs, examples, source code, etc. Don't forget to visit the Developer's FAQ.
  • Homepage:

Stephen Bullen's Excel Example Files
  • Description: This page contains a number of example files for download.
  • Homepage:

Comp.apps.spreadsheets FAQ
  • Description: Frequently asked questions about spreadsheets. Includes general spreadsheet issues, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro, Excel, runtimes/compilers, File formats, free spreadsheets, ,source code, commercial spreadsheets for UNIX and also information about legal issues.
  • Homepage:

Alan's Excel Page
  • Description: This page contains a list of ascii codes and some educational code samples.
  • Homepage:

Unofficial Excel Page
  • Download: Excel File Section.
  • Description: Very good site. Don't miss the Programming Tips Archive.
  • Homepage:

Chip Pearson's Excel Page
  • Description: A very well designed homepage covering severall Excel/VBA topics (formulas, macros, links and more).
  • Homepage:

Byg Software Limited
  • Download: bygutils.exe (420 kb).
  • Description: Home of the Byg Utilities, a shareware package of add-ins for Excel. Also includes usefull nuggets of information.
  • Homepage:

ORAXCEL - Oracle to Excel tool
  • Download: (169 kb).
  • Description: Oraxcel is an add-in for Microsoft Excel 5.0 or above. Oraxcel lets you query your Oracle7 databases, analyze your tables and columns and execute PL/SQL. All is done hough a new menu item in Excel. Since it appears native to Excel, the tool is easy to learn. SQL can be taken from the spreadsheet or can be typed into Oraxcel's popup windows. Oraxcel facilitates INSERT and UPDATE commands by generating handy forms.
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  • Description: Productivity Improvement Products for MS Excel.
  • Homepage:

  • Description: VBA Objects is the source for technical information, documentation, samples, and links for using tools featuring Visual Basic for Applications 5.0.
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Microsoft Office & Visual Basic for Applications Resource Guide
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ZD NET Software Library: Spreadsheets
  • Homepage:

SoftSeek Spreadsheet Software
  • Homepage:

CNET: Productivity Applications: Spreadsheets
  • Homepage:,159,0-d-144-b-1,00.html

Interval Solver for Microsoft Excel
  • Description: Spreadsheets compute output values from input values by a set of arithmetical functions. This idea has not changed since the late 70's! Interval Solver revolutionizes this basis, but without abandoning traditional spreadsheet computations. It provides the user with a more versatile notion of spreadsheet computing based on latest developments in Interval Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Homepage:

  • Description: Simtools and Formlist are add-ins for Microsoft Excel (version 5 and later). Simtools adds statistical functions and procedures for doing Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis in spreadsheets. Formlist is a simple auditing tool that adds procedures for displaying the formulas of any selected range.
  • Homepage:

Insider's Guide to Microsoft Excel 97 Tips
  • Homepage:

Help for Microsoft Excel Solver Users
  • Description: The company that developed Solver. They sell more powerful versions.
  • Homepage:

Soil and Groundwater Hydrology (free electronic book)
  • Download the contents of the electronic book to your own computer:
  • Download Excel examples from Chapter 3: (162kb).
  • Description: The author of the book, Mr. T. Karvonen, is well aware that there exist numerous excellent textbooks of the topic considered. The purpose is not to repeat this material in a new "conventional textbook" since it would bring very little new to the subject. Therefore, the reader is introduced a concept of an "electronic book" dealing with the subject "Soil and Groundwater Hydrology". The objective of the book is to provide a new form of educational material to be distributed via Internet as computer files.
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Excel Numerical Utilities
  • Download: (119 kb).
  • Description: Tools to calculate roots of polynomials, linear system functions and an add-in for eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a general real matrix.
  • Homepage:

Spreadsheets, Mathematics, Science, and Statistics Education
  • Description: This page tries to collect some information about spreadsheets with an emphasis on mathematics and statistics education.
  • Homepage:

Visual Basic for Applications Power Tools
  • Description: Enhancing application functionality with the power of VBA.
  • Homepage:

VORSIM - A Framework For Building Spreadsheet
  • Description: VORSIM is an application built in Microsoft Excel which helps the user build and simulate mathematical models. VORSIM can be used to create time series models with lags, static partial equilibrium economic models, engineering process models, business plan projections, or any other type of simultaneous or multi-equation simulation model that can be constructed in a spreadsheet.
  • Homepage:

INSIGHT Business Analysis Tools for Microsoft Excel
  • Description: This package includes Excel Add-ins and templates for performing: Monte Carlo Simulation, Discrete Event Simulation, Time Series Analysis, Decision Trees, Markov Chains and Numerous forms of Optimization.
  • Homepage:

Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga
  • Description: Financial Modeling has just been published by MIT Press. Financial Modeling presents important models in finance and shows how they can be solved numerically and/or simulated using Excel.
  • Homepage:

SETI Spreadsheet Templates
  • Description: This page provides SETI enthusiasts with several downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for performing some of the more common radio astronomy and SETI computations.
  • Homepage:

Rodney Carr's Home Page
  • Description: Excel Statistics, Mathematics and Genetics.
  • Homepage:

Fred Cumming's EXCEL Page
  • Description: Usefull VBA examples.
  • Homepage:

Microsoft Excel VBA Examples
  • Description: The intent of this page is to show some useful Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) examples. It is not intended that this page be "state of the art" VBA programming but just fairly simple subroutines that illustate formats and how to use the syntax.
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Beyond Technology Development Corp.
  • Homepage:

Software Wedge Knowledge Base
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Decisioneering Modeling & Financial Software
  • Description: Each time you perform a what-if analysis, you get a glimpse of your risk landscape. But trying to forecast with spreadsheet scenarios is like painting a mural with a ball-point pen. With Crystal Ball, you choose a range for each uncertain value in your spreadsheet. Crystal Ball uses this information to quickly perform hundreds of what-if analyses. These analyses are summarized in an easy-to-read graph showing the probability for each result.
  • Homepage:

Genetic Algorithm Solver for Excel
  • Description: Generator is a special genetic algorithm program which can help you solve a wide variety of problems, optimization, curve fitting, evolution and recombination, scheduling, multi-variable problems, optical lens design, photomask design, stock market projections, electronic circuit design, neural network design and optimization, non-linear mathematics and physics problems, business productivity and management theories.
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Decision Support Services
  • Description: Decision Support Services provides TreePlan for Excel, a decision tree add-in for Microsoft Excel 4, 5, 7, and 97 for Windows and Macintosh. TreePlan for Excel helps you build decision tree diagrams in Excel worksheet using dialog boxes. The decision trees include formulas for summing cash flows to obtain outcome values and for calculating rollback values for determining optimal strategy.
  • Homepage:

Magestic for Excel - Data Fitting
  • Description: With the powerful combination of Magestic and Microsoft Excel 5.0, you’ll be able to fit any data in no time. No languages to learn, no new syntax or programming commands. Just an interface you already know, backed by a powerful optimization engine capable of fitting complicated system as easily as simple equations.
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MS Excel 5 Tutorial Homepage
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EXCEL 5 for Windows Tutorial
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Excel Help Index from University of Sheffield
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Microsoft Excel Quick Guide Mac
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Excel Files from WinSite Windows Archive
  • Download: Win 95 files and Win 3.1 files.

Win32 API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Download Win 32 programmers reference: (help file, 7776 kb)
  • Download Win32 API Declarations for Visual Basic: (141 kb). This file contains the Const, Type, and Declare statements for Win32 APIs.
  • Article: Using Microsoft Windows DLLs and the Windows API in Microsoft Office Development

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